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Other Marine and Industrial Products

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Dog Bolt Assemblies

Available in manganese bronze, stainless steel & carbon steel. Individual components such as eye bolts, wing nuts, ring nuts, and special hex nuts are available with National Coarse or Acme threads. Assemblies may be custom made to accommodate your application.

Toggle Pins

BFG Marine stocks a wide variety of sizes of toggle pins in materials such as 300 series stainless steel, brass and zinc plated steel. Non-stocked sizes can be made as well. These pins can be provided with chain or wire rope as a securing device.

Deck Drains & Vent Check Valves

Deck Drains

Galvanized steel housings with bronze strainer plates, available with or without a trap & baffle. Available for threaded & welded connection.

Vent Check Valves

Available in inverted or upright models, in various sizes with threaded, butt weld or flanged connections. Replacement ball floats are also available.

Scupper Plugs & Equipment

Expandable scupper plugs, scupper caps, scupper strainers, and drains.

Watertight Doors and Hatches

Doors, hatches, manholes & scuttles

Various types & sizes in steel, stainless steel & aluminum, made to order.

Watertight Door Dogs

BFG Marine carries a wide array of door dog styles which can be custom machined to suit most any application. We work from your drawings of from a sample part if available.

Tank Cleaning Equipment

BFG’s Hand Lock™ deck plate

Designed to fit standard 12-1/2″ diameter tank cleaning openings, the Hand Lock™ plate is the only one judged by the United States Coast Guard to be free of the risk of loosening itself and falling overboard, a testament to its superior design. These units are extremely durable; we sell far more replacement parts for our competition’s units than for ours!

Hose Saddles for Tank Cleaning Machines

Miscellaneous Equipment

Sludge scoops, hoes, & buckets, non-spinning safety cables for mucking winches, bronze safety hooks & safety gratings.

Portlights & Glass

Various portlights; opening, fixed, with or without deadlight covers, in brass or aluminum. Also, portlight insect screens & air scoops. Replacement glass in standard and custom sizes, tempered or annealed.

Ullage Equipment

Complete ullage coamings, which include a bronze cover, strongback, flame screen, & all necessary pins & hardware. Many of these parts are sold separately as spares. Deck plugs & deck sockets are also available.

Vapor Recovery Sight Glass

Our TVG II is the ultimate, loaded with features which make the job easier, safer, and more efficient for the people working with the equipment.